19 September 2011

The Challenge

100,000 points. In the world of gaming it doesn’t sound like a lot does it? However if you look at the Golden Age of arcade gaming from the late 70’s to the mid-80’s, a score of over 100k on most games was quite a challenge. It’s rarely a record-breaking score, but for an average gamer like myself a score of this magnitude on games like Donkey Kong and Pac-Man would represent a significant achievement. While not showing a mastery of the games, it will show an understanding of the game mechanics beyond the ability of a casual player.

So the challenge I’ve set myself is to focus on 40 games, a mixture of bona fide arcade classics, personal favourites and a few more leftfield choices. The aim is to gradually improve at these titles until I can achieve the magic 6-figure high score. I’ll be sharing my progress here with pictures, gameplay videos, tips for fellow gamers and occasional diversions on to related (and unrelated) topics.

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