28 April 2012

Week 25-27 Summary - Nothing to report!

Due to a combination of factors (believe it or not most relate to the weather!) I haven’t been playing many games over the last few weeks, and I haven’t managed to improve scores on those that I have played, so things are at a standstill.

I’m hoping to dedicate a bit more time to improving scores over the next week or two before I go on holiday for a couple of weeks. Following that there will probably be further delays on updates as I will be preparing for this year’s HISCORE tournament in Manchester.

On the subject of which, only ten places remain in the tournament so if you’re a fan of classic arcade games and fancy your chances of winning a unique Microcade MAME cabinet from Turnarcades, head over to the HISCORE website and register now...

6 April 2012

Week 24 Summary

Another week, and I’ve finally worked my way through most of my games and managed to boost a few more scores.

Firstly you’ll already have seen that I’ve reached 100k on Indiana Jones, but I also made progress on two other games. Firstly I’ve pushed my score up by exactly 10,000 points on Pooyan, but I’m actually more pleased with my increase on Ms Pac-Man. The boost was less than 6,000 points but the circumstances surrounding it were notable – the score was achieved on my first go on a Saturday morning after consuming copious amounts of booze and only getting 4 hours sleep! Ultimately I was disappointed not to reach 50k but my new score of 46,030 was still fairly pleasing!

So I’ve now passed 90k on quite a few games so my aim for the next week or two is to push the scores on those games over the magic 100k mark...

5 April 2012

Triumph in the Temple of Doom!

What started as a practice session turned into another 100k completion when I completed the fourth ‘rescue the children’ stage of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom for the first time and finished with a score of 108,600...

Usually I wouldn’t go back and record a video if I didn’t do it in the first place but I’m annoyed that despite breaking 100k I’m still not top of the high score table, so I aim to record that feat at some point in the future!

So after a long wait I’ve finally reached 100k on a quarter of my 40 games, so there’s just 30 left to go.