6 July 2012

Metro-Crossed Off The List!

Yes, a few days ago I passed the 100k landmark on another game, Namco’s Metro-Cross. This one came about due to the game being the focus of the latest JAMMA+ Forum High Score Challenge. I was already getting around 80k or more per go (with a personal best of 93k) but having picked up some tips I soon achieved the target score.

The screenshot shows three scores over 100k, but the first one I got was 108,050. I didn’t record a video for this but since I’ve already managed to get over 100k on several occasions and will continue to play this as part of the JAMMA+ challenge, I will get a video done to show off the scoring techniques.

That’s 13 games done now – what will be next?

3 July 2012

June 2012 Summary

As I mentioned, progress has been so slow recently that I’m now doing monthly rather than weekly updates...

So minimal progress overall this month, but reaching 100k on two games, Flying Shark and Pooyan, means that the games I have improved have been significant improvements at least!

July’s target is to reach 100k on another couple of games - I have Contra in mind along with the usual ‘holy grail’ of Donkey Kong – and I’d also like to get a few games from orange to yellow status.

2 July 2012

Pooyan Gameplay Video

Here’s my recording of my 100k achievement on Pooyan from this past weekend.

As you’ll see, the key to getting decent scores on this game is accurate use of the hunk of meat that appears at the top right every so often, usually when a large group of enemies are travelling up or down the screen.

Each eliminated wolf gives a Pac-Man style score multiplier, i.e. 200 for the first, 400 for the second and so on. Also bear in mind that after wiping the wolves out with the meat, the balloons stay on-screen and can be shot for an extra 200 points each.

1 July 2012

Saving Lots of Bacon...

Yes indeed, there has been some serious pig rescuing done a couple of nights ago, as I smashed through the 100k barrier on Konami’s Pooyan. My final score was 115,950...

The video for this one will be uploaded in the next few days, but that’s two games done in less than a week. Hopefully I’m on a roll!