29 March 2012

Week 22 and 23 Summary

It’s been a quiet couple of weeks on the 100k Challenge because I have been focussing most of my efforts on a new blog called Mastertronic Chronicles, which is all about my efforts to collect and play a set of Mastertronic budget games for the Commodore 64. Check it out if you’re interested!

Meanwhile I have still been working through my challenge games list and have made modest progress on a couple of them, though there have been no status changes.

The first increase came on Flying Shark, whose score had been static at 87,500 since I started the challenge. I’ve now boosted this score to 94,510 so I’m pretty close to achieving my goal on that one. The second game I’ve improved on is Hyper Sports – after numerous attempts I finally managed to complete the triple jump, though I think it was more luck than judgement! Following that I also completed the weight lifting stage only to be completely baffled by the pole vault, but I still managed to achieve a new personal best of 48,120. My fingers haven’t quite recovered yet!

This week I have some friends coming to stay over the weekend and we’ll certainly be playing some arcade games, so the presence of some healthy competition might help me improve a few more scores.

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