7 March 2012

Week 20 Summary

It’s probably not really Week 20, but 20 is a nice round number and since the last month or so has been fairly inactive, let’s call it Week 20!

It’s fair to say progress is slowing down as my scores on a lot of games get closer to 100k. Inevitably it’s more difficult to push the scores higher beyond a certain level, so don’t expect to see a lot of difference on some scores from week to week.

That said, I have managed to push one more game into yellow status with a score of 77,900 on Green Beret. Aside from that the most significant increase was on Joust, with my new score being 57,850.

I also posted a modest increase of just over 6k on Lady Bug and an even more modest one on Asteroids, which along with Scramble continues to frustrate me as they are the only two games remaining in red status.

This week I’m taking a more structured approach by working through my list alphabetically and having five credits on each game to try and increase the score. I don’t imagine I’m going to be playing every game on the list this week, but let’s see how I get on...

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