15 March 2012

Week 21 Summary

As mentioned last week, I’ve been working through my list alphabetically and having five credits on each game to try and increase the score. Well I managed to get as far as the letter D, and specifically Donkey Kong Jr...

Unfortuantely I only managed to boost my score on two games, both from the Run & Gun genre as it happens. First up I managed to finally knock VULGUS off the top of the high score table on Commando, with a new score of 52,500. Then with the very next game on the list, Contra, I pushed very close to the target with a score of exactly 96,000 points. I’m not sure how I did it because progression-wise I actually didn’t get as far into the game as my last attempt that yielded around 78k, but there you go!

So this week I’ll continue to work through the list and hopefully boost a few more scores – maybe I’ll even break 100k on something!

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