14 November 2011

Game Back On!

Well as predicted in my last post, it’s been a quiet couple of weeks, the first of which was spent preparing for the Replay Expo and the second was spent recovering! As a result I haven’t been playing any of my challenge games, but that will change from today onwards.

Replay itself was hard work but great fun. I did try to set some 100k scores on a few arcade classics but the closest I got was 76k on Donkey Kong (the Japanese boardset) and a score of over 60k on Pac-Land. I also enjoyed playing Operation Wolf, Robotron, Juno First and the brilliant Terminator 2 pinball machine – all original cabs of course! If you want to see more about Replay and some of the machines that were on offer, check out my YouTube videos.

Also noteworthy was that Anna set a new personal best on Cosmic Alien with a score of 19,070, which surpassed her previous top score by more than 1,500 points and was the first time she had scored over 10k on an original machine. Congratulations!

Now it’s back to business and I’m determined to break the 100k barrier on at least one game this week...

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