27 June 2013

A New Strategy for Score Improvement

To keep myself interested and motivated in the 100k Challenge, I’m always coming up with new ways to approach the sometimes daunting task of boosting my scores. My latest idea is to play a single game from my list for an entire week, until I either beat my existing score or the week runs out.

This week’s game was determined by the latest round of the JAMMA+ high score challenge, and the game in question is Mappy. I’ve already played the game more than 20 times and have managed to improve my top score by just over 10k to 82,510 points, taking it from orange to yellow status.

I’ll probably continue to play the game for a little longer since there is the secondary aim of ranking as highly as possible in the JAMMA+ competition, but I’ll be switching to a different game at the end of this week for the purposes of the 100k challenge…

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