28 June 2012

Flying Shark Tamed!

Can you tame a shark? Who knows? Anyway, after a long period of relative inactivity (at least as far as actually increasing scores goes) I have finally achieved another 100k score. Taito’s Flying Shark is the game in question and the score is 100,780.

To be honest I didn’t expect to reach this score so easily, as previous time dedicated to this game has seen only minimal increases and usually a bit of practice is required before I can tackle the first level. However this score came on just my second attempt so there’s no video, but it wasn’t a particularly noteworthy performance anyway.

Still, it’s another game off the list with 29 still to go. Most of my recent focus has been on Donkey Kong, on which I’ve logged several 90k or higher scores over the last week, although none higher than my current best. It’s surely just a matter of time though!

Given the general lack of progress at the moment I’ve basically given up on the weekly updates and will now just post to the blog whenever I improve a score, and then summarise my progress at the end of each month.

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