26 January 2012

Week 15 Summary

Well I’m already half way through week 16 but the following does all relate to last week…

The biggest improvement of the week came on Nibbler, with a boost of 20k taking my score to 78,450. This was a bit strange because I’d had several sessions last year where I’d tried to top my score of 58,250 and seemed to have reached a plateau that I couldn’t get past. However this time around, as you can see from the high score table, I was able to beat that score several times over. Maybe my gaming skills are seeing a general boost!

The other score increases were not particularly notable but do give me hope for bigger improvements in future weeks – I passed the 40k mark for the first time on Ms Pac-Man, and posted a nominal increase of 670 points on Lady Bug that shows that I am getting a better understanding of the game mechanics. So I guess you could say it was an a-maze-ing week (groan!)

On the more frustrating side I had several attempts to increase my scores on Mappy, Scramble and inevitably Donkey Kong, all of which resulted in a lot of swearing but no improvement! Maybe this week...

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